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Here We Go!

Oh Hey There:

My name is Richard Waters, and I am the founder of Phantom Glass. The team has been working so hard over the past year to ensure that Phantom Glass will provide you with the most refined user experience. Every little aspect about Phantom Glass has been carefully thought out, as we believe that paying strong attention to detail is more important than anything. 

When people would ask me what product I was developing, I'd laugh and say, "This'll sound ridiculous... but it's a screen protector." And people would sort of smile, and say, "Oh that's nice..." As we came closer to our finished product, I could start explaining myself. Instead of answering inquiries with a tacky sales pitch or lecture, I'd simply take out my phone and hand it to anyone who made the mistake of further questioning me about it...

The look on these peoples' faces was priceless. First they look at you like, "uhhh.... This is your phone... And?" Then I'd tell them that there's a screen protector on there, and was usually met with, "Dude... No way. Whaaaaat?" and their faces would be lit up with shock and excitement - from a screen protector. 

That's when I could explain my theory, which is simple. My mandatory "new gadget purchase" always is paired with a screen protector. I would pay a premium to have my new gadget, often with a pixel density that's higher than my eyes can decipher, crazy resolutions, and vibrant colours, and I'd go ahead and destroy it all with a foggy piece of difficult-to-install, disposable, low quality film. 

Phantom Glass is designed to change all of that. It's easy to install, resists fingerprints, impacts, and scratches, and promises literally zero image distortion. Not only that, but Phantom Glass is guaranteed not to peel or discolour over time. You're going to love it.

In summary, we've been hard at work reinventing the wheel. We've taken the most mundane, boring technology accessory, and completely redeveloped it, as if it were a completely new invention. What we are left with is Phantom Glass, the last screen protector you'll ever need. 



Richard Waters